Contingent QLD


Welcome to the QLD Contingent to Oz Venture 2021!!

In this section you will find information regarding fees/payment schedules, contingent team e.t.c for participants located in QLD (the best state). Make sure to check back for updates!


Design Competition

Your chance to design to best t-shirt/logo at Oz Venture 21 for more information click here. Submissions are due in at 12 midnight 31st of January 2020 at


The contingent fee for Queensland is $230.00 and it will be paid when you register. Your contingent fee covers a lot of different things such as: 


Running costs 

and a very special event.. more to come…

Contact Your Contingent Management Team

Contingent Leader

Deputy Contingent Leader

Chris Dunne –

Paul Marnane – 

Admin Director

Registration Officer

Finance Officer

Kelly Martin – 

Jack Neeland – 

Bentley O’Connor – 

Welfare Director

Welfare Officer

Welfare Officer




Marketing Director

Marketing Officer SEQ

Marketing Officer FNQ

Jake Goodall – 

Tobias Kennet – 

Chelsea Cahill – 

Transport Director

Fiona Nunn – 

QLD Venturer Scout Ambassadors

Coming Soon!