About OZ Venture

Learn More About a Venture

What is a Venture?

The Australian Venture (Named OZ Venture 2021) is the pinnacle Venture Scout event in Australia! It provides an opportunity for all members of Scouting in the Venturer section (14 – 18 years of age)  to come together in one place for a once in a lifetime experience for all who attend.

A Venture occurs every three years and is rotated between Scouts Australia Branches.  This creates a unique, exciting event. It also offers experiences for Youth and Leaders uniquely available only available from engaging in major events like this one.

The Event itself consists of two components.

  1. The Expedition Phase – offering various experiences away from the Venturer site
  2. The Core Phase – offering on-site and local activities

When is the Venture?

Depending on your expedition your Oz Venture experience can be from 8 – 13 Days.

Expeditions have a variable start date with dates ranging from 28th December 2020 through to the 2nd January 2021. The Core Phase starts on the 5th January 2021 and ends 10th January 2021.

How Much will it Cost?

The final cost of OZ Venture will depend on several factors which will be fully disclosed at the time registration open. The final price is made up of;

  1. Your Contingent fee
  2. Price to get to your expedition start point & home from the core event
  3. The expedition you choose (from $300 – $2,000)
  4. The core event ($889 for youth, $595 for Adults)

Our aim is to deliver the best possible experience and an affordable price, excluding travel our directors are committed to deliver a Venture experience from as low as $1,200 with international experiences around the $3,000 price range.  

Where is OZ Venture?

Oz Venture 2021’s Core Phase site will be located in Sydney NSW Australia. We are keeping the location a secret for now but its going to be epic! The venue will be located nearby to Wet n’ Wild & other water activities to ensure that you’re nice and cool in the summer of 2021!

Expeditions & Core Activities, what's the difference?

When you think of major events in scouting most of us are familiar with a Jamboree. Unlike a Jamboree where you are in one location for the duration of the 10 day experience a Venture is split up into 2 parts, the Expedition & Core Activity.

The expedition is your chance to choose your own adventure that suites your interest. Go with a group of friends or make new ones, this is your opportunity to Get Amongst it and explore!

The Core activity is where everyone comes back from their expedition and join the main camp. A bit like a Jamboree, there is where there is awesome onsite & off site activities as well as entertainment & Venturer chill out areas.