Core Camp

What to expect at the Core Camp

We are currently working very hard on making the Core Camp as exciting as possible for you. Here are some of the concepts that we are working on today!

Loads of Free Activities

We are planning an exciting rage of free activities that will happen onsite or as short-day trips as part of the Core Camp. These activities are free for anyone to do and can be done as many times as you want! While we haven’t locked anything in just yet, our youth team have come up with a few concepts such as…

  • Day trips to the Blue Mountains for Hiking,
  • Canyoning & Climbing
  • Sailing on Sydney Harbour
  • Day trip to the city
  • Drone Racing
  • Experiencing AI & Mechatronics
  • Wake-boarding & other fun water activities

The list keeps going on, be sure to register your interest for more updates!

Your choice of Gold, Silver & Bronze Acivities

We are shaking things up for Oz Venture 2021 with a host of awesome activities onsite & offsite and all managed from our mobile events app. At the Main site you will have the choice to participate in a series of Gold, Silver & Bronze activities managed by your Oz Venture Credits. Each applicant will have 20 Credits (equivalent to a single gold activity) that they can use towards some amazing activities.

While we haven’t locked anything in just yet, some of the activities may include…

Gold Activities (20 OZ Venture Credits)

  • Sydney Harbour Scenic Flight
  • Jet Boating Sydney Harbour
  • Harbour Bridge Climbing
  • Horse Riding Day Adventure
  • Eastern Creek Go karting race

Silver Activities (10 Oz Venture Credits)

  • Learn to fly introduction
  • Paintballing Skirmish
  • White Water Rafting

Bronze Activities (5 Oz Venture Credits)

  • A Day at Luna Park
  • A Day at Went n Wild
  • Half day of wake boarding
  • Day trip to the Zoo

Awesome Entertainment

Using out experience form other major events in Australia that are held regally such as Dragon Skin and Anything goes we are working on an awesome line up on night Entertainment for everyone to enjoy! From Major artists, DJ’s, Comedians, Pyro Musical displays, all options are being considered!