The expeditions

What are they?

Expeditions make up the first phase of Oz Venture. Varying in length, locations, activities and cost, an Expedition is your chance to truly shape your experience.

For the first time, we are running Expeditions of variable lengths, in and out of NSW. Our teams have been working hard to prepare a range of International and Domestic Expeditions for your choosing.

Whether it’s travelling to an international adventure, the iconic red dust of the Northern Territory, learning to fly a plane, or staying on Cockatoo Island, we have an Expedition for everyone!


  1. Flexible start dates –
    We understand that some people may find it challenging to find time off at this time of year, that’s why Expeditions vary from 3 – 10 days in length.
  2. International options –
    With roughly 25% of Venturer Scouts having attended a scouting event overseas, we wanted to give you the opportunity to return to some of our favourite locations or visit somewhere completely new.
  3. Expeditions outside the host branch –
    OZ Venture is a National Event, so we wanted to give you as much opportunity to experience
    Australia as possible.

How do they work?

Expeditions start between the 28th of December and the 3rd of January, allowing you to shape your time away around your work, family and personal commitments. An Oz Venture experience can range from 8 to 13 days (including the Core), depending on the Expedition you choose.

The cost of the Expedition is fixed and advertised on each Expedition sheet. It is important to note that the price is excluding transport from your capital city to the start point. The cost of flights will be available at the time of registration. To help you budget, we have put an approximate price range for flights on each Expedition brochure.

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