Q: When do applications Open

OZ Venture applications open on the 27th of January 2020.


Q: What are the Dates of OZ Venture?

An OZ Venture experience can be from 8 to 13 days, depending on the expedition chosen.

Expeditions have different tenures. For 2021, the start dates range between 28 December 2020 through to 2 January 2021.

The Core Phase starts on the 5 January 2021 and ends on the 10 January 2021.


Q: Can Line Leaders / Youth Members attend the Core Component only?

For members of Scouts & Guides Australia,  you must attend an expedition. For international members, this is possible.

With the flexible expedition options, Australian Leaders and Youth Members who were looking to only attend the core component are encouraged to choose a weekend expedition.

International members of Scouts do have the option to attend the Core only


Q: What is Included in that Cost?

At the time of registration, the cost will include:

  • A Contingent fee
  • Flights/transport from the capital city of the Contingent to the Expedition (if needed)
  • Expedition inclusions + options
  • Transport from the Expedition to the Core camp
  • Core camp, Inc meals & activities
  • Flights/Transport from Sydney Airport back to the capital city of the home Branch

Q: How will Payments Work?

Applicants will be presented with 2 payment options:

  1. Full payment upfront
  2. Progressive payments split in 4 installments
    1. Payment 1: Payment of Contingent fees +10% (Due by May 2020)
    2. Payment 2: Payment of all Flights +10% (Due by July 2020)
    3. Payment 3: Payment of Expedition (Due by September 2020)
    4. Payment 4: Balance (Due by November 2020)

*Note Flights costs will only be locked in once that has been paid, Expeditions will only be guaranteed once 1st payment has been made.