OZ Venture Notification

Important OZ Venture Update

Two years ago, the OZ Venture team embarked on a journey that would ultimately reshape the way Australian Ventures ran.

It is with much sadness that we announce Oz Venture 2021 will not be proceeding as a national event next January. The current rapidly changing circumstances with COVID-19 means our attendees safety can’t be guaranteed, a risk we can’t take in good faith. At this point in time we do not believe it would be responsible to host an event of this nature.

We are so thankful to everyone who has supported Oz Venture throughout this journey.  From constant photos of rubber ducks on Instagram, to the dedication and countless hours of work by our Scouting peers. Whether you are a Youth Member, Leader, Parent or Supplier, we are deeply grateful for your ongoing support, messages of encouragement and excitement.

The enthusiasm and passion shown by Youth Members for Australian and International expeditions alike, highlights the promising future for an active, connected Scouting world.

From the beginning Oz Venture involved Youth Members in the planning of the event, helping to guide the direction of the program and marketing, at both a national and contingent level. The fact that over 900 people signed up to the event during such challenging times is a testament to the strength and unity of the Scouting community.

This decision was not made light heartedly. As a team of volunteers, we were all so excited and invested in shaping a new, exciting Scouting experience. Major Events are a staple of the Scouting calendar and Youth Member’s developmental journey, to lose one is devastating.

Our team will be working hard to deliver all refunds swiftly over the next 6 weeks. The OZ Venture team will be refunding all payments made as part of the application process. These funds will be returned on the credit card that made the payments, so for most of you, no action is required. If you did not pay by credit card or your credit card has expired, please email [email protected]. Note that as part of this process OZ Venture is not refunding any merchandise sold via the store or contingents.  

We are truly sorry that Oz Venture is not able to proceed. I am incredibly proud and thankful of everyone who has been involved and we look forward to banding together again in the future.

Stay Safe and look out for each other,

Yours in Scouting


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David Jacobs

Chief Director – OZ Venture 2021