This expedition provides five hours of hands-on
flying training over three days.
All practical and theory training is delivered by
professional Altocap / Scout flight instructors
and each participant receives pre and post-flight
briefings. Each participant will receive their own
Pilots Logbook and their flying hours verified and

Important info

Expedition Cost:
Transport Cost:
$0 – $450 (Home contingent dependent)
Maximum Participants:
12 Youth, 2 Adults
Airconditioned Dormitory
Spending Money:
Minimal – Local shops for snacks
Provided – Caters for special diets
Wi-Fi Internet:
N/A – Mobile coverage only
Specific things to pack:
Writing material, weather and activity appropriate clothing,
uniform, and personal items.
Bag Weight Limit:
N/A – (23Kg if flying)


The day by day itinerary will be set by
the course instructors however
participants should expect:
– Five hours of hands-on flying training
– Pre and post-flight briefings
– Visits to local on-field aviation businesses/
– Aviation specialist guest speaker dinners

Itineraries are intended to give participants an idea of the activities on the expedition.
The order they are delivered may vary and all outdoor activities are weather dependent.

Youth Program

Venturers are encouraged to review the itinerary with their Unit Council.
This expedition may be applied to the following Program Essentials and achievement pathways.

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