Youth Program

The Youth Program

Program Essentials

The OZ Venture Expedition team have been working hard to ensure that the Expeditions on offer are not only attractive, affordable & accessible but are in line with the educational purpose of Scouting. Each Expedition brochure will include suggestions on how they could be applied to the program. It is important to understand that Venturer Scouts will still need to set goals and outcomes with their home units before attending the Venture. Venturer Scouts will be able to achieve in several key areas.

Venturer Scouts will need to have clear goals and be able to demonstrate how they were able to participate, assist or lead the activity within the Expedition for this to contribute towards their Program Milestones.

These are all about Venturer Scouts’ active engagement in the Expedition program. Venturer Scouts will be recognised for their learning and personal development (as described by the SPICES Milestones). There are two key elements to each Milestone in Program Essentials:

1. Participating, assisting and leading in the four Challenge Areas
2. Personal reflection at the completion of each Milestone

Challenge areas

Challenge Areas are the four broad activity areas that are used to support programming and ensure a balanced Expedition program. Each Expedition will have an opportunity for Venturer Scouts to participate in activities aligned to the Challenge Areas.

For Venturer Scouts to use the Challenge Areas towards their personal progression they will need to obtain details regarding the itinerary or activity list from the Expedition Leaders and from there set personal goals that are discussed and approved by the Unit Council on how they will assist and lead throughout the Expedition.

outdoor adventure skills

The Outdoor Adventure Skills are for those who want to progress their skills across the Core & Specialist Skill Areas. Selected Expeditions offered by OZ Venture will give Venturer Scouts the opportunity to work on the stages for the various skill area (or areas) on offer. Venturer Scouts intending on using the activities offered by Expeditions to progress through a skill of Outdoor Adventure Skills, will first need to reach out to the Expedition Leader to understand the level of activities being offered.

Venturer Scouts may be signed off against “I-statements” within the Outdoor Adventure Skill Stages, after demonstrating their new abilities and are not needed to explicitly show those skills again, although they are likely to need to practice them in order to learn the next Stage’s skills.